534 West Tenth Street
Dallas, Texas 75208


8:00 am Said Eucharist, English

10:00 am Choral Eucharist, English
 Nursery for Newborn to PK-4

10:00 am Children's Chapel

11:15 am Christian Education for All Ages

12:30 pm Choral Eucharist, Spanish
Nursery for Newborn to PK-4


5:00 pm Bible Study, English

6:00 pm Said Eucharist, English

7:00 pm Bible Study, Spanish

7:30 pm Adult Choir Rehearsal

8:00 pm Said Eucharist, Spanish

We are a resurrection people who believe in the power of Jesus Christ to transform lives.
The basis of our faith is reflected in the words of The Apostles’ Creed.

Christ Church Dallas

A Night for Laugh

Vacation Bible School

During the Summer

The Weekly Connection

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Planning The Puerto Rico Mission

Wednesday Evenings

Harvest Prayer Network

Serving The Community at Ewing House

Sunday Parish Life